#TeamPyllonTunes: August 2018

July playlist is live! :)

July playlist is live! :)

James Stewart: I was at theme park this month on holiday. It was there it hit me. A theme for #TeamPyllonTunes would be ace. Gives purpose to the stories and makes you think. It can also out the strangest of choices from folks. As we are about to see.

For August’s playlist we are going with Guilty Pleasures. You know the kind of songs you love but wouldn’t admit to anyone you did.

Musicals are all over this with Richard Darroch, Martin Gray, Karen Wallace and Chris Cowley all hitting us with songs from the stage; Sunshine On Leith, a couple from the Greatest Showman and a wee ditty from Matilda that kept Chris going through the Hardmoors 160. As if the race wasn’t already challenging enough.

Robert Turner celebrated his call up to the GB 100k squad for September’s World Champs by revealing Jacko’s Billy Jean to be his vice – one of two chants featuring MJ. John Connolly got all Club Tropicana on us and Aisling Allum’s choice of Ash’s Girl From Mars is a particular reminder of the NI band’s brilliance for this writer.

There’s a plethora of familiar names too; Ezra, Womack and Womack, R.E.M.., AC/DC, Britney and Level 42. For some of these to be guilty pleasures is perhaps surprising but then the B52s, Tiffany, Black Box, Whitney, Carly Rae Jepson, Pet Shop Boys and Oceanic all it squarely in the theme box for sure. As is Mr Pyllon’s own choice, Dire Strait’s Sultans of Swing. Team sook and teacher’s pet Graham Connolly also went with Dire Straits.

The award for most 80s disco/techno/NYC vibe goes to Man 2 Man with Male Stripper, chosen by Michelle Smart. Craig Calderwood reminisces about Canadian highways with Tracy Bird’s Drinking Bone.

And lastly, Joe Goldie’s choice of Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again is aptly titled as it becomes the first song to feature in two separate #TeamPyllonTunes playlists. One person’s guilt is another’s love after all.

The playlist is here, and is live now. Happy listening!

(Put your suggestion on Instagram or Twitter and copy @jamesstewart13 @pyllon and use the hashtag #TeamPyllonTunes when making your choice)