#TeamPyllonTunes: July 2018

August playlist is live! :)

August playlist is live! :)

Holy Moley, it’s the second month of contributions to the #TeamPyllonTunes playlist and the Holy & the Moley are because there’ s more than double the songs this month than last. We have found listening to songs we wouldn’t ordinarily go to really great when out running on the trails or grinding out a tough session. Thinking that this song resonates with someone else is an excellent mental diversion. Why does it resonate? What makes it work? Sometimes we're still none the wiser but even so, it helps make the miles and minutes pass! 

The variety of genres and influences is incredible. From hip-hop to heavy metal to hardcore dance. And it is all in here. Last month we did blow-by-blow account of the songs chosen and by whom but that would take as long to read as the playlist to listen to for July. Instead we will pick a couple of songs out with the reasons why as given by the choosers. 

Nicola Green reckoned No Sleep Till Brooklyn by the Beastie Boys should be rebadged as No Sleep Till Squaw. And we know a few of the team did that, literally! Keeping on the WSER theme, Chris Cowley went for The Mezingers and Midwestern States which always makes him think of the iconic race of almost the same name. 

Closer to home Vicky Hart went with a song with a first line we should all love, This Summer (is gonna hurt like a m*********er) by Maroon 5. I, James Stewart, wanted to share the brilliance of Scots indie folk artist Withered Hand with you, the brilliant Heart Heart has the line ‘Nothing can bring me down…’ before the raucousness kicks in. Boom!

James Parker reckons Ben Howard’s Keep Your Head Up is just the ticket to keep you going when it gets tough, whereas Carrie Craig hits us up with a ‘transalpine tune’ in the shape of Katie Herzig’s Best Day of Your Life.

Graham Kelly used AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long – a song so filled with overt innuendo that even the Carry on Films were scared of it – to get through Maraton de Sables back in the day. And the final mention goes to Pyllon Racing’s Giff ‘G Star’ Walters and his hip-hop homage to his Scottish bros John & Paul with This Is America by Childish Gambino. 

Interspersed with these are some familiar tunes from The Strokes, Biffy Clyro, Black Keys and New Order. The diversity is akin to the different places, ways and methods to run. 

The playlist link stays the same each month. There are a whopping 41 tunes for you to enjoy in July. Have a listen, tell us what you think. Happy running, happy listening! 

Check it out here

(Put your suggestion on Instagram or Twitter and copy @jamesstewart13 @pyllon and use the hashtag #TeamPyllonTunes when making your choice)

Happy running, happy listening!