Pyllon Endeavour: Out and Back in a Day



A Winter Challenge - 192 miles in 24 hours

Whilst we help people to train hard for what can be a very solo endeavour, it’s human connection that’s at the very heart of what we do as Pyllon coaches, runners and supporters.

Ultra running is a difficult sport. And running 100-miles is said to be like living the many ups and downs of life in just one day.

It has become our way of managing the stresses of everyday life and we know that running has the potential to help many others. We will attempt to run The West Highland Way from Glasgow to Fort William and back in just one day, to help raise awareness of mental health and to support SAMH.


The sport has done so much for each of us, so tackling this incredible challenge as a team, is our way of celebrating the challenges we face individually every day. And whatever the outcome, we know that the the strength of our community will shine through.

So, we’re hoping you’ll also get involved, by tracking us online, supporting us on the day, and / or by making a donation to SAMH.


Here’s a summary of what will be happening:

The Challenge

We will attempt to run the 96-mile WHW south to north and back, as a continuous relay. Each runner will complete at least 3 legs and their total running distance will be an ultra (more than 26.2 miles).


The challenge will start from Milngavie (the official start of the WHW) at 4pm on 16 November 2018.

How to follow

The challenge will be “live” across social media - with a live gps tracker which will be carried throughout the event. Details will be published here.


There are lots of ways to support the event:

- Make a donation to SAMH

- Come out onto the course to offer support and run some short parts with the runners

- By supporting the event across social media. We want to raise awareness of well-being and mental health, so we want to reach and inspire as many people as possible

- We are looking for people to come out and become live “event bloggers” through the challenge, helping us capture and publish content. Please contact us if you are keen.

- We can offer sponsorship opportunities for any brands / small businesses keen to get involved. Contact Paul here.

Athlete Focus - James Stewart

Athlete Focus - Rob Turner

Athlete Focus - Chris Cowley

Athlete Focus - John Connolly

Athlete Focus - Marco Consani

Athlete Focus - Graham Connolly

Follow Pyllon on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Follow Pyllon on Twitter and Instagram for updates.