Sticker me big! Competition

Sticker me big - here’s a competition!

At Pyllon we love all things running. From trail to mountain, track to tarmac, we’ll take it however we can get it.

We also love stickers. Who doesn’t? There’s just not enough valuable space for your favourites. And not enough stickers that reflect exactly what running means to each of us.


We are pulling together a Pyllon Ultra sticker pack. Just because we’ve something to say and we’re proud of our community. It’s you guys who make it what it is and keep us all inspired! wouldn’t be right to not have you be part of it.

So, just for some fun, we are running a competition to design your own Pyllon sticker. Handy with a pen? Good on your iPad? Illustrative wizard? However you want to do it, we want to see your ideas. Maybe you have the idea and a friend or colleague can help you work it up. It’s up to you.

For some inspiration, here’s a bit more about what’s behind Pyllon and our logo.

The Pyllon Logo

When we created the brand and what we wanted to stand for, it turns out it wasn’t about winning medals and podium finishes but the emotional rewards of running. So this felt like a good place to start. We used an illustrative ‘Wheel of Emotions’ (used in Psychology) as a way of helping us to define what’s important to us as runners and the individual shapes you see in the logo were born out of that.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 22.05.47.png

Maybe your sticker design could be inspired by one of those emotions?


....and here’s an example of one we did early in the year, getting ready for Barkley.

The winning design will be printed in our pack and will win £50 to spend in the Pyllon store (or a 45-min training consultation with a Pyllon coach). More importantly - your inspiring sticker design could live on forever on laptop fronts, car windows and water bottles all across the globe! We may even do some limited edition T’s if it’s a popular one :)

Let’s see what you’ve got! :)

Some tips

Photography doesn’t tend to print well. Simple, bold, fun or eye catching are what makes a good sticker. Illustrative or words, like a club logo or line drawing. Square, circular, triangular or die-cut (whatever simple shape you like), it’s up to you! We might want to add the PYLLON word-mark to it so we’ve included that in our assets pack below. But we can always do that later if it’s suitable. What would make you smile? What does running or our community mean to you? What would make us all look badass?

To enter

Submit your design to (with the subject line “Sticker Me!”) no later than the 1st October 2019. We will decide the winning design within 1 week of the closing date and will notify you by email. Please ensure designs can be supplied at a high enough resolution for printing and that you have permission to use any of the assets commercially (fonts, illustrations etc), or are all original artwork. By submitting your designs you give us permission to use them commercially if you are selected as the winner. We may post some of the entries online and across social media, but we will ask you first if you are happy to be named. You can submit as many designs as you want and we may even pick multiple winners. Some or all of the designs (including the winner) may not be suitable for printing and we reserve the right not to print any. The Pyllon word-mark belongs to Pyllon Ltd. and cannot be used outside this competition.

This is just for fun - we love running, we love stickers and we love our Pyllon community. So get involved!