Pyllon Racing - 2019 / 2020

We are delighted to re-launch the Pyllon Racing team this year, for the 2019 / 20 seasons. We are doing this to support a small group of our highest performing athletes, with the aim of squeezing an extra 2% out of training and race performances.

We hope that being part of a small team will create competition and the positive influence will help us to push the boundaries where they may normally plateau. We want the team to be both inspirational and aspirational for the whole Pyllon community, and we hope that the incredible #TeamPyllon support will continue as normal. We are still just ordinary folk doing extraordinary things

A big part of being in the team is committing to making time available to support other Pyllon coached athletes, and those new to the sport. These are some of our most experienced, consistent, high-performing athletes, so they have a lot to offer to others, and we’re delighted that they will help us to provide an even better coaching service as we continue to foster the great Pyllon community.

We want to be very open about the team and use that combined knowledge and any development progress to benefit all of us, so we plan to bring that to life in our stories, for good and bad. So you will be able to follow some incredible journeys.

Finally, we will celebrate growth, inside and outside the team. Winning isn’t all that matters. For Pyllon Racing, pushing the limits of our own potential and testing those limits matters as much as podiums and buckles. We will take risks, we will try hard and we will not shy away from failing. And we will have plenty of fun whilst we do it.

Find out more about the Pyllon Racing team athletes.