Unlock Ultra – Dare to Dream Endurance?

So, you run sometimes. You get it. You know that it can be rewarding but you know it takes hard work, dedication and commitment if you want to run longer and faster.


You’ve heard of ultra marathons. Yep, races and challenges over 30 miles. Maybe you’ve read Born to Run, you know people run 100 miles across the Alps or spend five days racing across the desert. Well, what happens when you hear about these amazing feats of endurance? Be honest. Yeah, maybe some disbelief. Some fear even? But if you’re reading this far, there’s a small spark of excitement right? Your heart beats that little bit faster…..maybe just for a second or two?

“Could i do that?”, “Really?”
“I wouldn’t even know where to start”

Well…..this could be your lucky day. I’m offering you the opportunity to unlock ultra. To really test your limits, push through them and be a better human being for having done so. I’ve coached many runners to their first ever ultra completion, and I’m offering my full coaching experience to one person for up to 6 months for free. Enough time to get you ready for the longest race of your life. No strings attached. Yes, I said free. This is a genuine offer. Call it an experiment - I really believe that ultra-running can positively change people’s lives and I’d like to see if the barriers to entry (lack of knowledge / support, personally imposed limits and lack of confidence etc) are the real reasons why more people don’t get involved.

what’s involved?

I work with a lot of athletes. I create bespoke training programmes, tailored to the individual, their competence / experience level and the races they plan on running throughout the year. 

I race too, so I train a lot and with all that my time is tight, but I am offering the same level of service that the rest of my athletes pay for, so it’s important to me that I find the right person to work with.

So here’s a quick checklist. If you can get through it un-scathed then please read on!

  • You must do some level of running (having completed at least a half-marathon since July 2016)
  • You must have some kind of love of running (doesn't have to be your favourite activity, but it won’t work if you hate it!)
  • You must be relatively fit and healthy (and able to take on a regular training programme)
  • You must be a good human! (coaching works best when your relationship is built on trust and understanding)
  • You haven’t yet run an ultra (a race over 30 miles)
  • You have an understanding of written english and will have regular access to the internet to receive and update your plans
  • You are willing to commit up to at least 12 hours of training per week (at peak times only)
  • You are prepared to be involved in some documenting of the process and it being shared by ‘Pyllon Coaching’

It will help if: 

  • You have running shoes, kit and an ideally a GPS watch
  • You already have a race in mind that is at least 4-6 months away (depending on current fitness levels)
  • You genuinely want to achieve something, and are prepared to work hard for it


You don’t have to:

  • Live in the UK
  • Have worked with a coach before
  • Have any aspirations to finish on the podium

how do I apply?

Well….as with anything endurance based I’m not making it too easy! You really need to want this so you’ll have to make some kind of effort. Remember….I want to work with someone who’s prepared to fully commit to training.

So, in order to demonstrate why it should be you, let me know you're interested first (see below) and then you have until the end of November 2016 to make at least five social media posts on your favourite channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or a combination) showing why it should be you!

Get creative and tag me!

You just need to follow me and tag my social media accounts with the hashtag #UnlockUltra so that I can track what you’re doing. The three most committed and convincing prospects will be shortlisted before being asked to complete a short online questionnaire. A “winner” will be chosen from there based on suitability.

The social media entry process will be open until the end of November 2016.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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