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What is the Challenge?

To run 192 miles as part of a team on the West Highland Way from Milngavie to Fort William and back in 24 hours.


To raise awareness of the mental health challenges which we are all likely to face at some point in our lives either personally or with those around us. As ultra runners, we are used to dealing with problems on our own. But we know that having support around us is key in those tough times, and there’s never any shame in asking for help.

We hope that this event will encourage people to be open and honest about how they feel and that we’ll all create a safe environment day to day, for others to share their challenges and experiences.

Please help us raise awareness - it’s ok, not to be ok.

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Who is Eóin Lennon?

Irish international trail runner, 2.29 marathoner

Why this challenge?

While running at an elite level can be a solitary and often selfish pursuit, it is the recognition of the spirit of community, and friends gained through trail & hill running that helps Eóin maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle.

Taking part in this challenge to raise awareness for an excellent cause will hopefully encourage others to join a group or a club, share some miles, lots of adventures and get talking!

How to help Eóin?

Get involved, by tracking us online, supporting us on the day, and / or by making a donation to SAMH. We’ve already reached our initial fund raising target, but we never expected so much support this early, so please help us reach over 150%!

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Follow Pyllon on Twitter and Instagram for updates.