Trail running is you against the mountains, the terrain, the weather and yourself. It’s why I love it so much, the challenge, exploring new places and committing, no matter what, to putting myself out there.

Running in the mountains is where I am most at home. And I am lucky enough to call Chamonix home. I fell in love with the mountains for skiing and then trail running.

My first ultra was the CCC in 2012. Snow blizzards and battering rain in August didn’t put me off. It has been an amazing adventure ever since. 

In 2014 I dipped my toe into the California trail running scene. I signed up for the Western States training weekend. It was fantastic! From zany colours, super friendly folk, handle-bar moustaches and awesome tattoos, my love affair with running in the US was born.

I have finished the TDS and UTMB, my first 100 mile race. And during the last few years Javelina 100 in the Arizona desert, and Pine to Palms 100 in beautiful Oregon. I have met some of the most humble and inspirational people through trail running. Being able to share the love, respect and immense physical and emotional connection we have with the mountains is awesome.

Working with Pyllon Coaching is an incredible experience and hugely rewarding. It has given me the confidence to actually race, and race with a strategy and goal. My running form has improved, and I am stronger, fitter and healthier. Having a focused training programme has delivered amazing personal results. 

I am competitive and want to do the best I possibly can, in running and every aspect of my life. Why do anything less than our best? 

I am honoured to be part of the Pyllon racing team, a team that is tenacious, determined and passionate about trail running. Here’s to becoming stronger, fitter and faster…and having fun along the way!


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