I’ve never worked with anyone who commits to training and race preparation like James does.
— Paul Giblin (Coach)

I ran my first ultra in 2012, a horrible DNF (and only one to date) at the Clyde Stride. I was a recovering obese monster at this time, running just to get fit and thinner. 

I don't see myself as having raced an ultra until September 2014 when I found myself at the front of the field at the Glenmore 24 hour race - I was leading till I was halted by injury at 108 miles. I later went on to finish 4th at Glen Ogle 33. All rather unremarkable in the grand scheme of things but these two races were pivotal in me believing that with the right focus and support I could become a much better runner. 

I went into 2015 a completely changed athlete. I ran 3 ultras - a 3rd place and two wins with course records at Glenmore 24 and Clyde Stride. This proved not to be a plateau but a launch pad. These performances earned me my first International vest, running for Scotland at the 2016 Anglo Celtic Plate 100k.

2016 brought me 4 more significant victories at Glen Lyon, the West Highland Way race, John Lucas and the biggest achievement in my career to date at the Tooting Bec Track 24 hour race. I ran 160.38 miles to beat the old meeting record by 6 miles and moved to 2nd in the Scottish all-time list (7th in the UK all time list). 

I run hills, flat, trail, track and tarmac and from 50k to 160 miles. I'm a versatile runner who can perform competently on most terrains, except that mountain sh*t, I am scared of heights. I see 100 mile+ races on varied (but runnable) trail as my preferred place to be. To that end, I am doing February 2017's Rocky Raccoon 100 in the US as my next event. 

Where I go from here is a mystery, I want to experience as much of the world and competition as I can whilst I am still capable of being at the sharp end of races. I love running, it is a passion of mine and in the immediate 12-18 months I really want to continue to improve, hopefully run for Great Britain, find the limits of my potential and test those limits to the max. Whatever I do on that front I will be proud to be part of the Pyllon Racing team on this epic and exciting journey I am on. 

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